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Secto Design

You don’t just see it. You feel it. A world where timeless elegance meets modern design.

A form of art made from sustainable, natural materials. Pure, Finnish craft that not only illuminates any space, but enriches it with a tangible warmth. That is the strength of Secto Design.

Timeless elegance

Secto Design’s lighting fixtures have been eye-catchers in various spaces for years. Crafted from natural wood, these lamps remain a beacon of style and class for decades. The graphic slats that gently embrace the light create a subtle presence in the room. Without being overpowering, they capture your attention.

Natural light,
obvious responsibility

Sustainability is at the heart of Secto Design. The lighting fixtures are made of wood, a natural and renewable material. And not just any wood; it is PEFC-certified birch wood, a choice that shows respect for our planet and its nature. For every tree that is cut down, two new trees are planted, preserving the natural source of birch wood.

Versatile in any room

Classic, modern or eclectic. The diversity of shapes and simplicity effortlessly add charm to any environment. Their graphic and timeless character makes them suitable for a wide range of interiors. From classic to contemporary private interiors. From a cosy care home to a bustling media company. Whatever the setting, Secto Design’s lighting collection knows how to make ambiance tangible.

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