Where function meets aesthetics

Nordic Silence

The sound around you. Pure, clean and soft. The noise is muffled. At last you can listen and not just hear. This is where the boundaries between acoustics and ambiance meet.

At Nordic Silence, we understand the unique challenges of sound in modern working and living environments. With that mindset, we created our acoustic collection: a collection that not only optimises spaces acoustically but transforms them into an aesthetic masterpiece.

Where customisation is the standard

Nordic Silence’s countless solutions are the epitome of customisation and functionality, designed to fit seamlessly into any interior and corporate identity. In this, our approach is also unique: every Nordic Silence application is custom-made, fully tailored to your specific wishes and needs. From color to design; you create stylish soundproofing with Nordic Silence.

Trust the process

How we create beautiful acoustic solutions

01 Superior noise reduction

Using 50mm black polyester as a base, we achieve class A sound absorption.

02 Multifunctional

Made for soundproofing, room division, for improving concentration and enriching interiors and corporate identity.

03 Custom design

Choose your preferred colours and graphics to perfectly match the corporate identity and interior.

Classy and multifunctional

Nordic Stripes

Discover our Nordic Stripes, the acoustic room dividers that reduce reverberation in any room while maintaining transparency. The layered polyester core absorbs sound, while the design provides subtle separation without losing the feeling of openness. Ideal for workplaces where concentration and communication go hand in hand.

A canvas for creativity

Nordic DOTS

Nordic DOTS is more than an acoustic solution; it is a canvas for creativity. This pixel wall transforms any wall into an artistic expression of corporate identity or a personal story. Each DOT design is a unique fusion of form, function and visual expression.


Versatile, visual enrichment

Nordic Candy

The Nordic Candy line offers a diversity of applications: from room dividers to wall and ceiling panels. Each design meets several needs at once: acoustic optimisation, visual enrichment and reflection of corporate identity. With a wide choice of patterns and colours, Nordic Candy is the ideal choice for those looking for both functionality and style.

Experience the effect of Nordic Silence for yourself

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